Top Seven Things You Should Do Before You Hire an Interior Designer

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Some jobs should be left to professionals to get the best results, and interior design is generally something you don't want to DIY. Designing a home yourself seems simple, but transforming your ideas into reality is the tricky part. By hiring an interior designer for a project, your assured that you’d be left with a stunning result.


An interior designer makes living spaces functional, safe and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting decorative items, such as the harmony of color, lighting and materials. They also provide services such as professional drafting and three-dimensional renderings, color consultations and material selections, they assist in choosing furniture and window treatments and also in styling and staging.


Starting a new project is exciting and overwhelming as there are so many choices. The fear of making a mistake is often paralyzing, causing unnecessary stress which of course takes away from that joy.

Congratulations, you’ve made the decision to hire an interior designer.

Here are seven things you should do to get your project started on a positive note.


1. Figure out how much of an investment you are ready to make.

It’s pivotal to discuss this topic during an initial consultation. Knowing the dollar value of what you are comfortable spending is a key element for a designer to narrow down not only where they can shop but the types of fabrics and finishings that can be selected. This will save a lot of time and money as neither of it will be wasted looking for items that don’t fit your budget or your style. Discussing your overall investment with your spouse or significant other will ensure everyone is on the same page. A designer will let you know what can be accomplished with the amount you have specified, and it will be up to you to decide if you wish to spend beyond your budgeted amount.


2. Put together an idea file.

Most clients know their likes and dislikes. Designers have ways of assessing your current space, but we aren’t mind readers. Collecting images, tear sheets, websites, even blogs that you like is a great jumping off point in understanding your style and what appeals to you. It’s crucial for your designer to understand what you envision to bring it to reality. Organizing by room, or category works well, and be sure to note what is appealing to you on these images. Giving your designer as much information as possible will get the project off to a great start.


3. Assess your lifestyle.

Knowing how you live, and important activities you like to do in your home is essential to achieve a successful end result. Only you know the inner workings of your home, how you cook, eat, sleep, watch TV, store your clothes, which rooms you use the most, you get the idea. This is all critical information to creating a space that is personalized to your needs and lifestyle. Having a good sense of this prior to meeting with your designer will help he/she create the perfect design scheme for you.


4. Prepare to trust.

When you hire a designer, you are bringing a professional into your home. A designer offers not only their opinion and advice but also knowledge and experience. Trusting their expertise will further enhance your experience. Second guessing, wanting multiple options and indecision all add time, and in turn, cost more money. Designers narrow down the choices to what they feel is best based on budget, lifestyle and the overall look that is being put together. Trust in their vision and it will yield a fabulous result.


5. Create a “must have” and a “wish list”.

With every project, there are needs that exist and they must be prioritized, but let’s face it, there are wants as well. Get as much as you can out of your renovation, new build or re-decoration by preparing a list of both. Even the little details matter. “I need a place for recycling”, “I would love it to be in the kitchen but easy to transport outside”. Communication is key!


6. Have an open mind.

Designers will bring forth ideas you haven’t considered, show you things you’ve never seen before and pull it all together effortlessly, that’s why designers are hired. Clients are typically less than satisfied with their space and realize they need help. Or they’ve embarked on a project that is far too overwhelming to take on without the expertise and knowledge of an interior designer. Keeping an open mind to the creativity that exists inside the mind of a designer will give you an end result that is sure to leave you feeling so great about your space you couldn’t imagine not hiring a designer next time.


7. Choose a designer that is right for you.

It is important to find the right fit for you and your designer. Look at this as a long-term relationship and you’ll understand what I mean. Liking each other is critical. Respect is essential. Bottom line, I love what I do, and I am extremely passionate about getting your design perfect. If you are not open to trusting in my advice and are constantly wanting to change it to your specific taste or vision, then it undermines the designers expertise. Maybe hiring an interior designer isn’t a good fit for you if you want to constantly micromanage. Think of it like your taking your car into the mechanics and your telling them how to do their job, or your doctor, telling him/her how to operate on you - can you imagine! There are designers who are “yes” people, who just agree with what you want and away they go off with your money, I definitely am not that designer. I want the absolute best for you, and I want your respect and trust in my abilities to do the job I was hired for. It’s tough, its a big decision to relinquish control - some can do it, others simply can not - hire the right person for you!


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